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Tax Warrior


This 1983 cartoon was created for me and published in Tenneco's "P&M Remarks". Too often the petroleum marketers felt that they were really just collecting taxes for the federal, state and local governments. At that time the industry was fighting the invasion of organized crime into their markets, primarily to steal these taxes. Excise taxes continue to define almost every aspect of petroleum marketing. My primary services were audit defense, licensing, compliance counseling, personnel training, systems development and legislative drafting.

The Bar


In 1994, several members of the Atlanta Bar Association formed a section for motorcyclists, the "Legal Eagles." It was created to foster fellowship within the Bar by bringing together members who might not know each other even though they shared common interests. The above design is the official "black T-shirt" for the group, which was awarded as the completion certificate for a CLE program on professionalism which I chaired.